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Life can be dirty. Your soap shouldn't be.

The Dirty Girl Soap Co. is the result of a friendship that formed between two people with big ideas, questionable humour, and a dedication to bring some serious love to the bath and shower experience!

Kim and Dean are both Westcoasters, born and raised with small town values and a true appreciation for what it means to be a Vancouver Islander. In their leisure time, they both enjoy the lifestyle that living on the coast offers.


It all began when it was discovered that a similar passion existed.  Kim had already mastered the art and craft of quality soap making, and Dean had the idea to offer a soap subscription so running out of your favourite soap was no longer an issue. The two put their passion and ideas together and Dirty Girl Soap Co. was born.


Together, Kim and Dean are creating luxurious soaps that are free from toxic ingredients and are nourishing for your skin. These soaps are perfect for giving Dirty Girls everywhere a few extra minutes each day to peace out and put some love back in after a long day of conquering the world. 


Meet The Team


Kim Doney

Soap artist and co-founder.


Dean Clark


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